Las Hermanas Fair Trade

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Las Hermanas is a 200-strong sisterhood of farmers in Jinotega, Nicaragua who are as invested in coffee quality as they are in their members’ well-being
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Nutty, full of brown sugar, and full of warm flavors
About this coffee

Coffee story

The women producers of Las Hermanas are deeply committed to elevating every aspect of their exceptional coffee. They taste it regularly during the harvest to make sure their growing and processing practices result in richer flavors. Their attention to detail and skill enables them to produce coffees equal in taste and quality to some of the best in the world.

We've partnered with the Las Hermanas women since 2003. We're continually inspired to see how their unwavering focus on coffee quality has transformed them into vital economic contributors to their households, improving life for themselves, their families, and communities.

Doug, Phil, Emily and Sean
Peet's Coffee Buying Team


Jinotega, Nicaragua





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