Aged Sulawesi

Select Sulawesi aged by Peet's brews a deep, inviting cup that evokes the spice-laden air of the Indonesian archipelago
Roast Dates:
Flavor Notes:
Herbal and spicy, leather, dried fruit
About this coffee

Coffee story

Grown in remote southern Sulawesi, this traditionally home-processed coffee exhibits a unique taste of place. To recreate the heft and complexity of Sulawesis of old, we take the extra step and expense of aging our precious beans for 48 months.

The result is a coffee with richness, full body, mild acidity, and a multi-dimensional aromatic character with prominent herbal, nutty, and pleasantly sweet, woody notes. Peet's Sulawesi links us to our founder, his Dutch heritage, and our company's traditional expertise in Indo-Pacific Coffees.

Doug Welsh, Peet's VP of Coffee & Roastermaster

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