Congo Kivu

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An exceptional coffee from the celebrated, rich soils of the Rift, with a bold, brightly sweet cup that rewards in every way.
Roast Dates:
04/25, 05/02, 05/09
Flavor Notes:
Tart cherry, bright and zesty, deep notes of sugar browning
About this coffee

Coffee story

The heirloom Bourbon variety, the rich soils of the Rift, and the resurgence of the Congo coffee sector combine in Congo Kivu. Bold and brilliant like Kenya, but with a character of its own. Fragrant, with a signature flavor of cherry that is at once tart and sweet, it segues smoothly to deep, dessert-like tones of rich, unrefined sugar.

A celebrated origin in the past, Congo is climbing back into the quality ranks. While the volume of production has not reached pre-conflict levels, exceptional lots like this “Kivu 3” are no longer the complete rarity that they once were. We are big fans of the Congo flavor and supporters of efforts to restore the agricultural sector. Having sourced an amazing Congo to mark our 50th anniversary, we return with this exceptional coffee as an ingredient in our current Anniversary Blend. We are proud to offer it here as an online exclusive.

Doug, Phil, Sean, Emily
Peet's Coffee Buying Team


Congo, Butembo Region



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