Sumatra Batak Peaberry

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The most select & specially prepared peaberries from the ethnic Batak region in North Sumatra
Roast Dates:
02/28, 03/07
Flavor Notes:
Deeply fragrant with aromas of lemongrass and sage overlying a molten-caramel sweetness
About this coffee

Coffee story

Meticulously separated, this remarkable peaberry comes to us from the same region as our Sumatra Mutu Batak. Peaberries are an anomaly—they occur at a rate of about 5% in all coffee crops, when just one little oval bean develops within the coffee cherry, rather than the normal two. The resulting peaberries tend to be more concentrated in flavor; in this case heightening the herbal aromatics of lemongrass and sage, and intensifying the inherent sweetness to the level of luscious caramel.

Sumatra Batak Peaberry exemplifies many of the ideal characteristics of an Indonesian coffee. The Batak farmers utilize a 'wet hulling' process to separate the beans from the coffee cherries, which imparts some distinct berry flavors from the lush rain forest surrounding Lake Toba, the defining feature of this region of Sumatra. Wet hulling enables the farmers to dry the coffee quickly, which is essential given the perpetual state of precipitation in the region.

Long our favorite hunting ground for Sumatra, Lintong coffees express a becoming combination of herbal aromas and syrupy flavors. With the intensifying effect of peaberry, this Batak microlot takes it to an intoxicating level. With a swirl of tobacco and tropical spice aromas, you can smell it across the room. With the concentration of brûléed sugars and natural brightness, the flavors jump from the cup. With the scarcity of this rare and exceptional find, drink now.

Doug, Phil, Sean, Emily
Peet’s Coffee Buying Team


Lintong, Indonesia





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  • 2/28/17
  • Diana
  • drinking Peet's since Early
  • Albany, CA

I really like the smooth rich taste. One of the best coffees I have had from Peet's. I may make mine stronger than others because I do get some other flavors when I drink it black (my usual way).

  • 2/22/17
  • Sandy
  • drinking Peet's since about

Quite disappointed in the 2017 Sumatra Batak Peaberry. For years I have looked forward to the special Sumatra roasts, but this has an odd taste that I don't find appealing at all. It also doesn't seem to be quite as dark a roast. Glad I only ordered one to try.

  • 2/18/17
  • Dave
  • Santa Rosa, CA

The coffee is good but it is not 100 percent peaberry. It has a lot of regular beans in it.

  • 2/10/17
  • Mark
  • drinking Peet's since 80's
  • Torrance, CA

Ok, so i used to drink peet's normal dark roast sumatra all the time, it's a great rich flavor, uniquely sumatran. Now comes this Batak Peaberry, which i knew was a single bean as i grew up with kona coffee and it's peaberry variations. Anyways, this coffee is richly smokey, but like another poster said, it seems to lack any sumatra like qualities, i was expecting like a sumatra base flavor but with sweeter fruit tastes. So overall, it's a cup of smooth coffee with no distinct attributes that i can make out. I just had my first few cups, but so far it's only a 3 to me. It's just so much different then sumatra, so i'm a little thrown off by it.

  • 2/25/16
  • Kevin Knox
  • drinking Peet's since n/a

Enormous body and almost unbelievable depth and concentration of flavors. I believe the classic Peets deep roast is particularly well suited to Indonesian coffees, and in my experience no one does a better job of sourcing coffees from this part of the world.

Peets "regular" Sumatra is consistently great, its Sulawesi is in a league of its own and of course the Aged Sumatra superb, but even in that elite company this limited edition Peaberry stands out. Bravo!

5 of 8 Reviews | View All

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